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Nano-substance characterization


Published on 19 April 2017

Characterization of substances, including in complex environments; regulatory compliance; process optimization; product quality control and monitoring; detection and identification of nano-objects. 

The Nanosafety Platform has been working closely with the Nanocharacterization Platform (PFNC) at MINATEC to develop unrivalled know-how in nanomaterials metrology and characterization. 

Our proven track record characterizing nano-substances for our industrial customers has given us the experience and resources we need to meet a range of characterization needs. We also have access to the extensive resources of the NanoID Lab (a national center for the characterization of nanoparticles in complex matrices for nanosafety purposes; the center was financed through the French government's economic stimulus package).

In France, the law (Article L. 523-1) requires manufacturers, importers, and distributors to report 100 g or more of nanoparticulate matter manufactured, imported, or sold. The reporting requirements include nine main characteristics (including size and size distribution) and four optional characteristics. 

The Nanosafety Platform developed a novel method for characterizing substances at two different levels. This method delivers the information our industrial customers' need for regulatory compliance purposes at an optimal cost. 

The method has been in use for several years and was tested in a benchmark study of 24 participants from industry and academic research. 


It is now being implemented successfully to help our industrial customers develop new substances. Our industrial customers rapidly receive reliable information on the characteristics of the nanomaterials they are developing so that they can take the necessary measures to make their processes more reliable and efficient right away.