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Nanosafety Platform

The broadest range of nanosafety services in Europe

Published on 19 April 2017

The Nanosafety Platform is located on the GIANT innovation campus on the Grenoble site of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and possesses a range of equipment unavailable anywhere else in Europe. The Nanosafety Platform is staffed by experts from a variety of disciplines and its activities support the responsible, cost-competitive use of nanomaterials in industry. 

The Nanosafety Platform's services are part of the broader range of R&D services offered by CEA Tech, which was set up as a "bridge" between scientific research and business to develop new technologies and transfer them to industry.

The Nanosafety Platform contributes to CEA Tech's objectives by working with research organizations from across Europe, as well as with businesses of all sizes from all industries.


The Nanosafety Platform's mission is to: 

Facilitate the responsible, cost-competitive use of substances containing nanomaterials by industrial companies

        Develop innovative technology to help make industrial companies more competitive

Contribute to building workers' and the public's trust in nanomaterials to ensure broad support for active nanotechnology R&D

The Nanosafety Platform's activities cover all nanomaterial-related protection and safety issues. 


Our activities include R&D, of course, but we also offer a range of services designed specifically to meet business' needs.

Photo credit: Denis MOREL/CEA



​​​2,000 sq. m

of lab space dedicated to R&D​



engineers, scientific researchers, doctors, biologists, pharmacists, technicians, trainers, and incident-response workers


​€25 million 

in investments