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A wide range of projects to improve nanosafety 

Published on 2 October 2019

The Nanosafety Platform is one of Europe's—and the world's—leading sources for technical standards for the use of nanomaterials. We are active participants in a broad range of nanosafety-related projects.


In France:
  • Directorate General for Enterprise Projects (DGIS): NanoMet, Marina, Labex Serenade, Equipex Nano ID
  • Directorate general for Armaments projects (DGA): DEPOL 2
  • Projects in partnership with INVS, the French Institute for Public Health Surveillance: EPINano

EU projects:


Internal CEA projects:

  • NEMO

Contracts and joint R&D projects with industrial partners:

The Nanosafety Platform has set up numerous partnerships with academic research labs and organizations from the public and private sectors not only in France, but in other countries in Europe and North America as well. We have also built partnerships with many industrial companies.